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We have the ability to roll up our sleeves to analyze, plan and execute innovative tactics needed to achieve your businesses strategy with integrity.  A return on investment focused perspective with the right amount of industry know-how to understand and help you improve the ways to run your business departments, IT and operations for small to midsized businesses. From your technological needs and available resources, to your financial objectives and bottom line we understand how to assist you in reaching your goals.

1. Improvement of profits
2. Enhancement of productivity
3. Maximization of efficiencies
4. Process modification                                                                    5. Cost containment
6. Organizational development

Strategic Score Card: Strategic Plan – Strategic Progress

We successfully use data to measure the impact of our strategic initiatives for your business.

  • Finance Transformation Strategy and Execution
  • Performance Measurement and Dash-Boarding
  • Finance transaction systems (ERP)
  • Processes & Procedures Improvement

  • Capital Formation

  • Accounting processes and controls

  • Strategic Planning & Business Plans

  • Accounts Receivables and Collection

  • Integrating Business Systems & Financial Reporting

  • Technology Upgrading

  • Human Resources

  • Risk & Insurance Management

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Turnaround Methodology

  • Negotiations

"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises."~ Demosthenes